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Hello !

 Welcome on my personal website about HamRadio which is a great hobby. You can find here about what I am doing with this great hobby. Feel free to contact me in any way.

I passed my N(ovice) exam in April 2001 and had the call PD5DP since the 1st. of May 2001. November 6th. 2013 I passed for the F(ull) license and since 23th. of November 2013 I have the call PH5HP.

My particular radio interests are ATV and DVB-T, SSB, all kind of digital modes (like: PSK31, JT65HF, JT8, JT4 packet radio ), working DX, Satellites, High Air Ballooning, SDR radios and homebrewing ham radio equipment.

You can find me on HF, 6 meters, 2 meters, 70 centimeters and maybe in the future on 4 meters and 23 centimeters (ATV). My favourite band is 10 meters.




Saturday 15 June 2024

My Websites

 PH5HP   15 Jun 2024

Just added a 'My Websites' link to the main menu. Here you will find some of my Websites. The 'Logbook PH5HP' link can only be used by me. My Logbook on Google Maps and my PSK Reporter on Google Maps can also be found at:



Thursday 13 June 2024

New Website PH5HP

 PH5HP   13 Jun 2024

This is my new WebSite. I abandoned WordPress because it was slow and I had a lot of other problems with it. My new WebSite is running the E107 CMS. This Content Managing System is fast and not as big in loading as WordPress is.