It seems that the Sun has come alive. We are seeing SolarSpots almost for a month and a week now with the exception of only two days without SunSpots.

Since the 8th. of December we have seen SunSpots from a count of 10 or more till a maximum of 45!!! I have seen also a SolarFlux of 94!!! A new highlight number for the new SolarCycle.

So I am convident that bandconditions will slowly improve. At last!!! We waited long enough.

Today (Februari 9th. 2010) we have a sunspot number of 71 (!!) in 460 areas. This is the highest number in years. The solarflux at the moment is 94. Till now this was the highest solarflux of the new solarcycle. Let’s see what happens now. Another nice event is that we have since the 8th. of December only 3 days without sunspots. It seems the new solarcycle has begun.

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