ESSB Yaesu FT-2000 mod

The FT2000 SSB Tx BW can attain 4Khz!!

Display Yaesu FT-2000

The FTdx9000 and FTdx5000 can be programmed to a 4Khz SSB Tx BW, so should the FT2000. That’s what I’ve always believed and sure enough, it can!

So how is it done? Access Menu #85 and look at all of the entries. One of them is labeled ‘1-30‘ and another ‘3000‘ or ‘3000WB‘. ‘WB‘ stands for ‘Wide Band‘. Both are identical. So the ‘dual’ entry implies that the ‘WB‘ can be made to extend further. And it can!

How? Simply do the following;

With the radio “OFF”, press and hold the CONT and DNR buttons while pressing the main Power button.

The radio will turn on normally except that when you access the “Tx BW” menu #085. You’ll see that the “3000WB” has been replaced with “TTBF“. So now, “1-30” is still the same, 50hz to 3Khz but the newly added “TTBF” has 50hz to 4Khz Tx BW. The SSB Rx BW is still 40hz to 4Khz. You can return the radio to 3Khz SSB BW by repeating the same steps at turn on. Very simple!

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